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I've worked in insight, innovation and trend forecasting for more than 12 years. One of the most common things I get asked by my clients is to help them understand the life of Millennials.


I've spent hours conducting ethnographic style in-home interviews, managed online panels of young creatives, led multiple focus groups, read umpteen research studies, interviewed 'experts', extreme consumers, and mavens. 


I've sat at my desk and written reports about trends in Millennial living, such as 'nomadic lifestyles', 'experience over ownership', 'micro homes' and 'life in the cloud', amongst others.


Then, I decided that I'd rather live these trends than sit at a desk and write about them.


In 'Living Millennial' I document my experiences of work, travel, life and relationships as I navigate living between the UK, Spain, and the US, using the varied design and research skills I've acquired to carve out a living while having a lifestyle that inspires and challenges me.


Here I share the challenges, tensions, worries, fears and frivolities of living the 'Millennial dream' (or attempting to). I share the principles I live by and the mindsets I've adopted. I draw on the experiences of the people I come across in the network of like-minded people I've had the pleasure of spending time with. 


Maybe you're interested in living some of these trends yourself. Or maybe you're a business who'd like to understand the Millennial mindset better. Either way, I hope some of the insights and advice I share here can be of help. 

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