How to figure out what you're good at

I’ve been in Barcelona for almost a week now, so far the main ways I’ve been meeting people have been through using co-work spaces and through swing dancing.

The obvious question I get asked, and that I ask others is, ‘what do you do for work’?

It’s a question I find difficult to answer in just a few words, and I’ve realised that I’m amongst people who also have the same problem.

As a typical ‘Millennial’ I have a portfolio career - I do lots of different things to make money. Although most of them fall within design and marketing, it can be tricky to write a regular CV without writing an essay about how one job led to another, trying to explain how I got from researching how people in Buenos Aries use shoe polish, to designing the interior of a restaurant, to coaching solicitors at the UN how to be better leaders.

Yesterday I met someone who is a web developer, post-production editor and graphic designer.

And, this isn’t uncommon - ‘One in five working millennials have two or more jobs’. (OnePoll)

Having lots of different skills left me wondering how I could summarise what it is I’m actually good at, and if the statistic above is right, then I guess this might be a problem that lots of other people like me have, so I thought I’d share, what I discovered is a really good way to figure out what it is you’re really good at.

I decided to do some research on myself. I asked five people who I respect and who I feel know me best, personally but who also have a good understanding of what I do professionally. I emailed these people and asked them to:

Tell me 3 things you think I'm good at.


What 3 things would you ask me for advice on and why?

They all replied. All of their answers said the same or similar things - which was really good to hear! What was interesting is that these people all asked if I’d answer the same questions about them… so I thought I’d share this - some of you might find it helpful to do some research on yourself too, especially if you’re about to update your CV but are struggling with a whole host of different skills.

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