The art of decision making

If you want something in your life to change you’ll need to make some decisions about what. Lots of people I speak to say that they want something in their life to change, but they can’t decide what or figure out how to make it happen. Often it’s a career change or relocation to a new city. For sure, sometimes change comes without asking for it but in general, it doesn’t matter how many times you check your Linkedin messages, or who’s viewed your profile, it’s unlikely that your new dream job is going to land in your inbox, or that Google’s going to give you an answer. As ‘Millennials’ we have so much freedom and opportunity (at this point in time). We could go anywhere or do anything. We see our friends on Facebook launching their own brands and businesses, taking sabbaticals and learning new stuff like paragliding or pottery. Somehow all of this opportunity can make it impossible to make the ‘right’ decision. It’s a bit like being at the counter in Starbucks - too much choice makes it difficult to actually choose. Making decisions is one of the main things I help people with through mentoring. The first thing we do is look at what’s influenced the decisions you’ve made in the past and figure out what should be influencing the decisions you need to make about your future. It’s also useful to recognise that with change comes uncertainty, and in the words of a very interesting neuroscientist, Dr Beau Lotto, ‘The desire for certainty saves us but also sabotages us.’ - More on this to come.

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