Bjork, the cat hat and my future wardrobe.

I recently went to ‘Bjork Digital’ at the Centre for Contemporary Culture Barcelona. An immersive virtual reality experience. No phones, no pictures, no videos, no speaking. The first part of the experience involved a dark room filled with speakers and two big screens, the second, virtual reality headsets.

As a group of around 15 people, we got to experience Bjork’s audio, digital visual works. The lack of physical sensation made the visual journey through space like rocky terrain and coastline kind of eerie. The best bits for me were Bjork’s digital ‘costumes’; alien-like, magical, colourful and of course wacky. These virtual costumes are what everyone dreams they could wear to burning man festival, or if you’re like my friend Jill, pretty much every day. (Love you Jill).

It’s early days in augmented reality and virtual worlds, and the closest I have to a virtual wardrobe right now is the cat hat feature on facebook messenger. I look forward to the day that my wardrobe will not be dictated by the number of clothes I can fit in a cupboard or in a carry on suitcase.

I love the idea of these sneakers by shiftwear, they are made up of a digital display with moving graphics that can be changed from your smartphone.

In the future, my wardrobe will consist of an edited collection of premium quality, highly tactile garments made from sustainable natural materials, the best wool, cotton and silk – meeting all of my sensorial needs. It will also feature a digital ‘design’ layer where I get to be creative with my outfits without having to purchase multiple physical garments. I will be able to wear the wackiest outfits just like Bjork, but I will never have to make space for them in my wardrobe or pack them all into a carry on suitcase.

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