Leka: the restaurant that gives everything away

Located in Pobleneu, the upcoming industrial district of Barcelona, Leka is a restaurant founded on the idea of decentralisation of product; all knowledge within it is shared.

Leka was developed by FAB Lab Barcelona; a huge ‘lab’ or maker-space and hub for innovation, part of a network globally (definitely worth a visit if you’re ever close to one).

The concept behind Leka is founded on the principle that from the early days of fire (early technology), the places we cook and eat have always been places that we come together to socialise, share and learn; adopting and adapting methods and ideas to make our own. Kitchens were the first labs.

Based on this principle anyone can download from the Leka website; the recipes and cooking methods for all meals on the menu; furniture templates and models, which can all be laser cut and easily assembled; even sewing patterns for staff uniforms.

The interior of the restaurant and the furniture were all fabricated at FAB Lab through a process of prototyping the ultimate design solutions were achieved. The origami-inspired ceiling structure was developed to break sound waves

and reduce echoes, it hangs under sound absorbing rock wool.

The furniture is designed to be robust and easy to assemble; each piece slots together without the need for fixings. The geometry of the furniture allows it to be configured easily for small groups or big parties and stacks for saving space.

For me, this restaurant represents everything I love about design culture in Barcelona; openness, sharing and a willingness to collaborate. An open network.

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